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Human Evolution

Having lived a deep healing journey himself, Joshua has gained massive clarity about questions of truth and peace. He channels this into Men's work, cinematic arts, visionary platforms, and highly transformative/very loving 1 on 1 healing experiences.

Exponential Technologies

Many of our most powerful tools and most advanced technologies are right under our noses. STORY. COMMUNICATION. FEELING. PLANT MEDICINES. These give us access to determining which new technologies need to be developed tomorrow, for the greater good.


When he was a kid, Joshua developed a coping mechanism designed to bring harmony to uncomfortable family situations. To disarm the big people. He made them laugh. Now, he has taken this skill and applied it to his intuitive abilities...creating...Illumination Comedy.


From the Hebrew name יְהוֹשֻׁעַ (Yehoshu'a) meaning "To Deliver God"
Joshua Falcon-Grey

Joshua Falcon-Grey


Catalyst for New Earth clarity conversations through comedy and passion

What people are saying

Joshua has been getting around, a bit



"There was that time when you motivated me to 'step up' the masculinity when I was feeling small and anxious. This is something that I have brought into my normal life as well. When I am feeling small and anxious I remind myself to step up the masculinity, and it really works!"




"LOTS of great shifts with my husband. Right after your session he was On Fire. A new sparkle in his eyes and SO happy! His whole countenance has really shifted. Much more solid and standing more in his power. He was super excited right after your session to get trained by you to do those sessions. We've been talking about this for him. I would LOVE for him work with you there. I'm really grateful for you."



Team Leader

"Joshua is savvy, thorough, driven and hilarious—a spring of creative content and process ideas, with the sensibilities of a seasoned producer who knows what it takes to make things real. He is also a fantastic networker, consistently great at bringing people together who will get things done and fit together well on a team."


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Personal Development


THE END OF PROSTITUTION: NIKE IS NOT AN ABUNDANCE TEACHER 💎💎💎👑😻👑😻👑💎💎💎 Many of us have self-hatred embedded deep in our cells. This is not because we’re unlovable, but it is for a very good reason. Read more…



💎TRUE INTIMACY: A SIMPLE DECISION💎 👑🦁👑🦁👑🦁👑🦁👑 When I was a kid, my father cheated on my mother. My mother then kicked him out of the house. Neither had the courage to own their triggers or Read more…

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