2018: Best year ever!

This business networking profile is designed to share my exact business goals with you, so we can support each other. I recommend creating a profile of your own as well 😉

Filmmaker, Systems Designer, Entrepreneur, Shamanic Cannabis Healer/Teacher + Comedian

Why are you in the business that you are in?

Among all of the things that I do, they all have a common thread: STORY:

I sometimes call myself a 'StoryWeaver' to illustrate the magnitude of this.

I grew up extremely curious and playful. I quickly learned how to make people laugh in order to make myself feel safe and to fit in. I was fascinated by stories, and after seeing "The Matrix" I was drawn into both filmmaking and a sense of spirituality.

I have experienced much narcissism first hand and feel passionate about helping people restore their compromised boundaries.

Nothing makes me feel as amazing as watching someone awaken to their own power <3

Who is the most ideal collaborator for you?

Shamanic Healing Clients:

Joshua enjoys working with star performers - evolutionary accelerators who are completely dedicated to their mission and need assistance refining their focus and clearing trauma. Joshua facilitates intuitive transformation powered by cannabis energy. He is currently focusing on celebrity and film industry executive clientele in order to affect society in a  potent way.

Biz Partners:

True Participation, a transformational media organization, is creating a new conscious content platform and looking for partners of all types. Content creators, sponsors, cannabis dispensaries, mental health associations, virtual reality experts, and futurists of all shapes and sizes.

Who works with your ideal clients and would be able to connect you?

Individual Referrals:

Those who work with celebrities or film industry executives. 

Biz Referrals:

Creativity focused organizations, such as ad agencies and design shops, looking to spread their client's brands through new mediums.

Conferences, conventions, and seminars looking for a guest speaker or guest workshops. 

Content creators organizations looking to collaborate on our platform.

How would you like to be introduced to a potential client?

Individual Referrals:

Meet Joshua Falcon-Grey! He's a transformation content creator, comedian, and intuitive healer. Joshua is able to create content designed to alter our perception of ourselves and the world.

Through his healing work, he is able to help someone attain a lasting shift in just one shamanic cannabis session.

Biz Referrals:

Meet Joshua Falcon-Grey! He's a Transformational Content Creator, comedian, and founder of True Participation.

If you are looking for highly creative content which has a lasting impact on people's lives, he can help you with that. 

As a public speaker, and through his public Facebook posts, he is both hilarious and insightful, applying his standup comedy style to highly educational personal development topics.

I highly recommend Joshua and True Participation if you are looking for unforgettable content experiences.

What are your most important business websites to share?

Our main website for transformational media is True Participation

For Shamanic Cannabis work (including transformational media for cannabis), see Expandabis

For Joshua's speaking and personal coaching, you are already on the right site, JoshuAlive

For the weekly Men's Initiation virtual group coaching show, read more on Innrstand

2018 Business Goals:

  • Connect with 25 Conscious Medium/Large Celebrities or Business Executives
  • Meet Jim Carrey!
  • Launch our new transformational content platform
  • Partner with media creators for each of our content channels
  • Share regular Blog posts, sharing Leadership Technologies with a wider audience
  • Bring on 4-7 new full time team members in the areas of administration, filmmakers, healers, and a community manager
  • Connect with 1 million YouTube viewers
  • Begin building and testing transformational Virtual Reality programs

2018 Personal Goals:

  • Practice Burst, strength training, and cardio exercise several times per week 
  • Dry fast 4 full days every month
  • Attend 10 day meditation retreat (again)
  • Perform 6 stand up comedy shows
  • Complete book writing+ secure publishing deal (agent already locked in!)
  • Travel to 4 continents

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