How I'll Help You Remember Your Invincible Creative Perfection

Embody the Path of the Soul's Truth

Evolve Your Emotional Experience

When we have an unclear, intimidating, less than nurturing relationship with our emotions - we are at the mercy of our conditioning and our triggers can send us into a spiral of doom - keeping us away from the essence of our soul. OR we can put hat bullshit to an end.

Evolve Your Mental Experience

Our mind consists of both conscious and unconscious beliefs. A belief is just a thought we keep on thinking. Some people recommend changing beliefs for more powerful ones. The other option is DELETING BELIEFS ALTOGETHER and experiencing life directly. Clear the NEED for beliefs and life becomes SO much more vivid and REAL.

Evolve Your Lifestyle

Without being enslaved to our emotions and our beliefs, what is possible? Who can we become?
This is not about building new habits, this is about removing the trauma which creates habits in the first place so we may live utterly spontaneously in true authenticity. And remember, True Authenticity is EFFECTIVE!


From the Hebrew name יְהוֹשֻׁעַ (Yehoshu'a) meaning "To Deliver God"
Joshua FalconCrest

Joshua FalconCrest


Catalyst for New Earth clarity conversations through comedy and passion

What people are saying

Joshua has been getting around, a bit



"There was that time when you motivated me to 'step up' the masculinity when I was feeling small and anxious. This is something that I have brought into my normal life as well. When I am feeling small and anxious I remind myself to step up the masculinity, and it really works!"




"LOTS of great shifts with my husband. Right after your session he was On Fire. A new sparkle in his eyes and SO happy! His whole countenance has really shifted. Much more solid and standing more in his power. He was super excited right after your session to get trained by you to do those sessions. We've been talking about this for him. I would LOVE for him work with you there. I'm really grateful for you."



Team Leader

"Joshua is savvy, thorough, driven and hilarious—a spring of creative content and process ideas, with the sensibilities of a seasoned producer who knows what it takes to make things real. He is also a fantastic networker, consistently great at bringing people together who will get things done and fit together well on a team."


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