A 3 Month Coaching Container

Joshua is excited about offering new spots in his 3 month ActivatorGOLD coaching container. The time for major upgrades is now. It's happening energetically on the planet whether we like it or not, and Joshua's work simply makes life a whole lot easier.

He will help you to become comfortable owning the state of "The Void", as he helps make it safe for your nervous system to be comfortable with the unknown. To rest in the freedom of being detached from specific outcomes.

This is for people who have achieved a level of success, and yet are hitting a brick wall and don't know how to move past it.

The container is $8888 for 3 months. We meet on Zoom Video chat once a week, alongside ongoing voice messages via WhatsApp.

Your insides will be calmed and integrated in completely unexpected ways.

Nothing will ever be the same for you again. It's that badass.

Joshua's coaching is quite unique, as it includes:

Translations of Psychic Signatures: Joshua can see and feel emotional imprints you may not be aware of

Light Language: Sharing the vibrations necessary in the moment, without a need for language

Quantum Comedy: Laughter therapy and various types of play are integrated into the sessions as needed

Conscious Timeline Manipulation: Altering the energetics of our reality, taking deeper responsibility than every before

Processing Assistance: Joshua can help process old and stagnant emotions in his own body, converting them to light which gets expressed during the session

Learn how to Facilitate: If you are looking to gain Joshua's skillsets and learn to facilitate Inner Child Healing on your own, this is a great container to bring you deeply into that next level

To apply for a conversation about working together, please book an ActivatorGOLD discussion appointment here: