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The Silent Treatment

NOTE: This post was written in collaboration with my teacher who has passed away since we started it (or perhaps he is just ghosting me). His name was Michael Melville. He was a brilliant Jungian analyst and Dream Interpreter. Here is his blog. silent_treatment There is a common form of self-destruction and communication dysfunction which is well known as "The Silent Treatment". It also goes by the name of "ghosting", as one no longer reaches out or responds to communications and appears to have "died" or "fallen off the face of the earth". (more…)

By Joshua Falcon-Grey, ago
Personal Development

Anger is Creativity Waiting to Happen

creativity_waiting_to_happenAnger is a powerful force. It's seen as quite taboo in our society today - people are regularly shaming others, saying things like "don't be angry" or "don't make a mountain out of a molehill". The truth is, if it feels like a mountain bursting from within you, swallowing it can be incredibly damaging. Have you ever tried swallowing a mountain? Usually it doesn't work out so well. (more…)

Personal Development

Our Inner Insect

beauty_in_the_nastyWithin us lies the capability of embodying (AKA Role Playing) as any type of energy that we so choose. If someone says "Act like a rock", you may go curl up in a ball. We are naturals at mimicking energy because this instinct was built into us to learn how to survive in a pack. (more…)